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4 down, forever to go...

What an amazing first 4 months! Since Danielle Renée launched online in October 2020, some exciting opportunities have been presented to us. Thank you for every purchase, every social media share, every recommendation, every message of support, and every prayer. Because of your support, our product line continues to grow. There are very special new plans in store for 2021. I can't wait to share more details when the time is right. For now, here's an update on how far we've come since our launch date 4 months ago:

1. We launched in SOHO!

Flying Solo NYC invited Danielle Renée to offer our vegan skincare products in their secondary boutique located at 382 W. Broadway in the Soho district. The invitation to partner with FS NYC landed in my inbox one month and a half after our official launch. I looked into the other designers and brands that are offered there, and thought, "Wow, they want me here with these cool creative bosses!!" It was a surprised kid on Christmas vibe for sure. It still makes me blush.

2. We transferred to the FLAGSHIP!

Okay, Flying Solo's 382 location is a big deal. I was absolutely thrilled and delighted to be there. BUT...they have a bigger, more popular Flagship location located at 420 W. Broadway. A month into our partnership I was notified that Danielle Renée was being transferred to the Flagship! I consider the transfer such an honor for Danielle Renée.

3. We got new skincare boxes!

Launching a business has taught me a few things about unexpected delays. The show goes on though, you know? Without saying too much about the why -- I had a prolonged delay on getting my shipment of skincare boxes. But when they came in! I said, when they came IN --- they were gorgeous. They were worth the wait, and they look stunning on the shelves in NYC!

4. We've expanded our product line

Since the initial launch, we've expanded our line of lashes to include an Au Natural Collection. We also expanded our line of lipsticks, and launched a new line of lip glosses. I was pleasantly surprised when I put in a re-order request for more lip glosses so quickly. I'm truly happy to offer quality products... and when you love them, it makes my heart smile.

5. We got our first custom order

I've made a commitment to celebrate small wins all 2021. I hesitate to categorize this as a small win - because it felt big. But it has opened the door for lots of opportunities. A sweet soul by the name of Gwendolyn Crawford reached out to me saying she wanted to support Danielle Renée. She asked me to create a custom order for her. So I made her a Beauté Boss Kit. It has every Danielle Renée item that has the word Beauté in the product name, and a few more items. (Okay, okay... because you want to know what's all in it -Beauté mink lashes, Beauté tea toner & misting spray, Beauté Clay mask, Beauté Sleep lavendar night cream, Beauté lip gloss, Boss lip gloss, a black Engagement eyeliner adhesive pen, and a vegan leather custom makeup bag) It's Bawsy!!!!! Since that custom order, I have received more. I love the idea of customizing kits for clients. If you're interested in creating a custom kit, send me a message at

6. We got our first feature in a clean beauty blog

In January 2021, Danielle Renée was featured by California based clean beauty blog, St. Eden. The blog highlights clean beauty brands across the U.S. We'll sip some champagne in a Beauté Clay mask to that!

These first 4 months have been a dream come true. We're celebrating how far we've already come. I will continue to celebrate every small win. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. There's so much more ahead. Thank you again and again.

With so much love, Danielle

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