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Adult shellfish allergy diagnosis: Tip of the Day 10-20-22

I grew up eating so much seafood. Then, after 30... I suddenly became allergic. Turns out it's pretty common for adults to develop an allergy to shellfish. If you find yourself in the same situation, beware of the unlikely ingredients that could be harmful to you.

Other ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction are Bouillabaisse, cioppino and other seafood stews, cuttlefish ink, and seasonings containing oyster sauce. When eating out, always let your server know about your shellfish allergy. Your food may need to be cooked separately to avoid cross contamination. Avoid using the same grease to fry food if that same grease was used to fry shellfish.

According to medical researchers:

If you experience first-time symptoms, see your doctor immediately to get tested for food allergies.

Carry an epinephrine injection with you at all times. Know the expiration date so you can get a new one before it expires. For mild reactions, antihistamine like Benydrl might be recommended by a doctor.

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