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Applying Foundation with Fingers: Tip of the Day 8-11-22

As we age, our faces become more angular. Because of this, tips and tricks that soften our look helps us look more youthful (especially once we hit around our mid-thirties). One technique that I love involves ditching makeup brushes when applying foundation. Turns out MUA’s have long been in on this softening hack.

The warmth of your fingers is just enough to melt foundation into all your facial crevices. The body heat is key for blending. You don’t get the same effect when using brushes.

The massaging technique gives a soft finish that doesn’t look or feel cakey. Be sure to wash your hands before using them to apply makeup! Don’t want to transfer any germs that might cause a breakout later.

When you’re going for full “beat-face” glam, brushes can do it for you! When you’re wanting a softer, more natural finish, fingers do the trick.

Bonus tip: Plenty of MUA’s use their fingers for applying eyeshadow and cream blush, and smudging eyeliner for a soft finish.

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