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Best Time for a Facial

It’s probably not a good idea to get your facial a day or two before your big event or vacation. In many cases, experts say skin needs time to adjust after being professionally treated.

Generally, after a week after your facial, the residual blotchiness and redness is more likely to fade and be replaced with glowing skin.

Experts say if you’re planning to have extractions, be sure to only allow a professional to perform the procedure. If not done properly, extractions can make acne worse. If any compaction (the stuff inside pimples) is left behind, it could cause breakouts to spread. This is not what anyone wants, especially before an important event.

Also, tell your esthetician about any medications your taking. Ingredients in birth control, cardiac medications, antihistamines, and acne treatments can make your skin extra-sensitive. Your esthetician can better recommend the best facial for you if he or she knows what medicines you’re taking.

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