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Body acne linked to washing hair in the shower: Tip of the Day 5-31-22

If you‘re dealing with body acne, washing and conditioning your hair in the shower might not be the best routine for you.

Experts say rinsing out your conditioner in the shower can leave an oily residue on your face and back. Although that residue is great for leaving your hair soft and silky, estheticians say it causes breakouts and clogged pores when it sinks into the skin. To avoid this, experts recommend washing out your conditioner and putting your hair up before washing your body.

If acne tends to pop up on your back, some experts suggest lathering up your body cleanser all over your back with your hands and letting it sit there for a moment before rinsing it off on days that you’ve washed your hair.

It’s not super convenient, but taking the extra step to wash and condition your hair before showering could be worth the effort if keeps your body free of breakouts.

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