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Booty Mask Benefits: Tip of the Day 9-16-22

If you tend to get acne or dry skin on your booty - you're not alone. It's a pretty common issue, according to experts. But even if your booty never sees the light of day, you probably still don't appreciate the occasional backside breakouts. This is where booty masks come to the rescue.

A number of things contribute to buttne (butt acne), including wearing sweaty leggings & workout gear, and rough jeans that rub against the skin. Frequent exposure to sweat and friction can promote rough, dry, and uneven skin on the booty. Butt masks are designed to help target booty all kinds of skin issues. They promote an overall smoother, more even, and softer behind. Some masks are hydrating, while others exfoliate, improve the appearance of cellulite, or have anti-acne benefits.

If you’re interested in trying a butt mask, here are a few recommended by beauty editors:

*Brightening Butt Mask: Bawdy Squeeze It Citrus Beauty Butt Mask

*Firming Butt Mask: LAPCOS Lifting Booty Masks

*Hydrating Butt Mask: Frank Body Butt First, Coffee Kit

*Exfoliating Butt Mask: Megababe Le Tush Clarifying Butt Mask

*Smoothing Butt Mask: MAËLYS Cosmetics B-Tight Lift & Firm Booty Mask

*Tightening Butt Masks: Truly Beauty Buns Of Glowry Tighten & Glow Smoothing Butt Polish

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