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“Breaking Up with Alopecia” in January issue of NSpire U


I will be minding my business, growing my business, exercising, giving, loving, and adding a new title to my resume. ❤️

The owner of NSpire U Magazine, Candace Houston, invited me to join her team of writers. I’ll be the Beauty Columnist, sharing tips on beauty, skin and self care. I’m looking forward to helping women feel beautiful.

The first article that will be published in January is titled “Breaking Up with Alopecia”. My heart has broken for women who suffer at the hands of this cruel disease - robbing them of their sense of beauty. In 2021, I was diagnosed with a form of alopecia. In the article, I‘m sharing how I was able to fix it.

We all deal with the same stuff. Insecurities, weaknesses, difficult people, being difficult, the uncontrollable.... I’m not joining the writing team to pretend everything is beautiful. But if my ugly experiences offer you help and hope, beauty wins.

Candace asked me what “NSpires” me?

I do this for the women who pour so much into others, while forgetting to pour into themselves. Compassion inspires me to share beauty.

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