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Bring on the Beauty Sleep

I’m all about a good night’s rest whenever I can get it (a good nap too if I can squeeze one in). To my delight, researchers say getting enough sleep could be the closest thing to a fountain of youth. It’s amazing what happens when we get enough sleep! Among the many benefits, our skin works hard while we sleep to repair and regenerate from all the things that potentially damaged it during the day (sun rays, wind, pollution, makeup). But if you’re like me and love a good snooze, you still probably don’t get nearly as much rest as your body needs. So what’s a girl (or guy) to do about getting maximum beauty sleep? To help your skin recharge overnight, there’s nothing better than an amazing night cream.

Who needs it?

Night cream is typically under-estimated, but plays a vital role in the health and appearance of your skin. For one, skin is more absorbent when we sleep. This allows serums and creams to penetrate more thoroughly. Every adult ages 20 and up could benefit from adding night cream to their skincare routine.

Level Up

If you’re wanting to level up your nighttime skin routine, Beauté Sleep Recharging Lavender Night Cream is a must-have. The vegan and gluten-free detox cream is formulated to nourish your skin with an abundance of vitamins. Your skin will visibly become more firm. The lightweight cream also lifts, improves elasticity, and helps even skin tone. Your skin will transform to become more radiant and dewy thanks to the natural lavender and flower extracts. The soothing scent of lavender is perfectly relaxing as you wind down for the night.

Be patient when starting a new skin care product. It takes about a month for the skin to renew itself, and about 8 weeks to see best results. Because a little goes such a long way, one 2 oz. jar of Beauté Sleep can last for months when used nightly.

Purchase Beauté Sleep Recharging Lavender Night Cream here and bring on the beautifying rest! Or, if you know someone who misses out on a full night's rest, consider surprising them with the gift of Beauté Sleep! The spa-quality formula and luxurious scent makes it a fantastic gift.

Does vegan matter?

If skin health is your goal, vegan skin care is the way to go. Vegan skin care ingredients are natural, minimal, and nourishing. They’re less likely to lead to irritation or other issues caused by chemicals, animal ingredients, or other additives. Plant based skin care is a non-toxic way to a radiant glow. *Gluten-free skincare is a plus if your skin is sensitive to products with gluten.

All skin care products by Danielle Renée are vegan. They do not contain animal ingredients, animal by-products or animal-derived products.

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