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Brow gel hack: Tip of the Day 8-4-22

Tamed brows are all the rage these days. Brow gel is one of my favorite beauty items. You may even see one in my line of products eventually. 😉 If you ever find yourself without brow gel, and you want to freshen up your look - there’s a simple hack involving products you probably have on hand.

If you’re not sure why brow gels are the favorite picks for many beauty editors, let me enlighten you! For one, they’re practically fool-proof. Simply brush it into your brow, and they will lay in the shape you brush them. Brow gel is great for achieving a full look because it allows you to stretch your brows out (or up), versus brushing them to the side for a thinner look.

Brow gel can achieve a softer, more natural look. If you choose to fill in brows with an eye pencil or pomade, you can combine these products with brow gel for a firmer hold.

Bonus tip: Brush brow gel into your brows going in the opposite direction of your brow first. Then apply a coat going in the direction you want them to lay. This gets the product thoroughly onto all sides of the hairs for a firmer finish.

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