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Building a skincare routine: Tip of the Day 9-15-22

Building a skincare routine can feel intimidating to someone who's never had one. On top of that, sometimes it's hard to tell if a product is working initially. Experts say once you start a product, as long as you're not experiencing painful or allergic reactions, it's important to give it enough time to do its job.

I get it - Three to four months is a long time when you're wanting to see a change in your skin. Dermatologists say it takes a month just for the top layer of the skin to turn over. This turnover typically needs to happen 3 or 4 times before you see changes in your skin.

Experts say after 3-4 months, if your skin is happy (not undergoing negative reactions), it's a good time to gradually add a new product. You will begin to learn how your skin reacts, and what your skin likes.

Bonus tip: Sometimes your skin will get worse before it gets better when using a new product. Active ingredients can cause skin cells to turn over quickly and "purge" out gunk underneath the surface. If the reaction isn't painful, stick with the product (especially if it's been prescribed by a dermatologist). After the "purge" you should begin experiencing the positive benefits of your new product.

A simple routine for beginners can include a cleanser and moisturizer day and night, and SPF30 sunscreen in the daytime.

For hydration: cleanser, toner or hyaluronic acid serum, moisturizer

For brightening: cleanser, vitamin c serum, moisturizer

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