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Clean your Makeup Sponges Daily: Tip of the Day 5-18-22

It’s worth it to give yourself a little time each day to clean your beauty blender.

Never store your beauty blender in a closed, zipped-up makeup bag. Experts say, the moisture will cause bacteria to grow. If your sponge is wet, leave it out so it can dry.

Experts say it's essential to spend time getting the buildup out of sponges and brushes to prevent bacteria growth.

Foundation and concealer brushes should be cleaned at least once a week with gentle soap and water. Other brushes - at least twice a month. This helps prevent breakouts and makes for better product application.

Baby shampoos are great for cleaning natural fiber brushes. Experts recommend Dawn dish soap for deep cleaning makeup sponges and beautyblenders to quickly emulsify oil-based foundations and concealers. #tipoftheday #beautytips #skintips

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