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Cold vs. warm drinking water: Tip of the Day 4-30-22

In the hot/warm water vs. cold water debate, no one can argue that either are bad for you. But, if you just need an answer as to which is best, it depends on the outcome you desire.

In an interview with Byrdie, Katie Cavuto RD, explains it takes longer for the body to absorb ice-cold water. Cavuto suggests starting your morning (first thing) with a glass of warm or room temperature water because it hydrates the body better than cold water.

Warm water is also said by experts to help with digestion. If you have a condition that results in slower digestion, health experts suggest drinking room temperature or warm water instead of cold water.

On the flip side, studies suggest warm water tends to make you feel less thirsty, and could contribute to you not drinking enough.

Health experts say cold water can help with having a successful workout because it helps to keep the body from overheating. Cold water tends to thicken mucus, so if you‘re battling a cold or respiratory issues, cold water might worsen your symptoms. Hot water is recommended when fighting a cold.

Under healthy circumstances, personal preference overrides. No matter how you like your water, drinking plenty will help you stay hydrated. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends that men 19 and older drink 15 cups of water per day, and women 19 and older drink 11.5 cups a day.

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