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Color Correction Concealer Tips: Tip of the Day 8-9-22

Understanding how color correcting concealer works can change your entire makeup game. In a nutshell, color correcting hides uneven skin tone issues that isn’t masked completely under regular foundation. They come in bright colors that might seem confusing at first glance. These colors are not meant to be seen. They are applied underneath your regular foundation. The color you use depends on your complexion issue.

Orange is opposite from blue on the color wheel. People with darker skin with dark deep blue eye circles can use orange concealer to help hide the darkness. People with lighter skin can use a peach color corrector to hide dark circles.

Green is opposite the color wheel from red, so it’s used to hide redness from things like acne and rosacea.

Yellow spots can be hidden by using purple concealer. Bruises and veins that are purple in color can be hidden by using yellow concealer.

Apply your regular concealer over the color correcting concealer & pat the makeup down with a beauty blender. You only need a thin layer of color correcting concealer. If you apply too much, it can show through your foundation!

Bonus tip: It’s better to pat foundation on top of color correcting concealer with a beauty blender. Brushing on foundation can move the concealer around and affect the overall masking coverage.

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