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Conditioning Eye Brows: Tip of the Day 4-23-22

As we get older, our eyebrows start to thin out. Adding some brow self-care to your routine can help keep your brows looking fuller and more youthful.

Water Freckles by Thomas Saliot

Castor oil is widely used to encourage growth for brows (and lashes). Adding a little to a clean mascara wand and brushing it into clean brows at night helps condition brows. Cheaper versions of castor oil may be diluted and might not offer the results you want. Look for a 100% pure, organic variety of castor oil. If you want to be a little more fancy, mix your castor oil with vitamin E and argon oil (equal parts). Apply at night and wash off in the morning.

In an article for Byrdie, Gretchen Friese, BosleyMD certified trichologist, recommends RevitaLash RevitaBrow (conditioner), which is loaded with peptides, lipids, panthenol, and botanicals to help soften and strengthen brow hairs.

Friese also recommends the BosleyMD Follicle Energizer (serum) for brows that are thinning.

Experts say aging isn’t the only factor contributing to thin eyebrows. Genes, hormones, poor nutrition and clogged pores also play a role in eyebrow hair loss.

In addition to massaging and conditioning, exfoliating brows helps to stimulate the hair cycle. An eyebrow brush or a soft bristle toothbrush will do the exfoliating trick.

If possible, add some eyebrow self-care to your regular routine before you start noticing thinning brows. Be patient and consistent when trying to thicken the appearance of your brows. Give yourself at least a month before expecting to see results.

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