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Cute animals help relieve stress: Tip of the Day 7-7-22

Here’s a reason to do a little Instagram scrolling when you’re feeling stressed. Looking at cute animals might be doing your mental state some good.

Popeyethefoodie / Instagram

Research suggests pets make people happier. The pet doesn’t even have to be yours for you to reap some of the joyful benefits cute animals offer. I’ve put together a list of some super cute animal Instagram accounts. When you’re feeling stressed, one of these fur babies might help lift your mood:

• Popeye the Foodie Dog

Popeyethefoodie / Instagram

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•Samson the Goldendoodle

Samsonthedood / Instagram

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Chewie the Pomeranian

Hi_im_chewie / Instagram

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The Dogist

thedogist / Instagram

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That Dood Squad

Thatdoodsquad / Instagram

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Sophie Gamand

sophiegamand / Instagram

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Dog Derp of the Day / Instagram

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If you discover looking at cute pets improves your mental state dramatically, consider adopting a pet. Researchers say pet adoption increased significantly during the pandemic for this reason. In an article in, therapist Jennifer Musselman says, "Self-care comes from finding ways to release serotonin and oxytocin, like the joy from playing with or petting your pup.”

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