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Daily Tips on Beauty, Skin, and Selfcare

Hello beauties! Heads up about something new I’m working on for you. One of the things I love most about having my beauty brand is how it has impacted my clients. I had a woman tell me just yesterday, “Please don’t ever stop selling your products because my skin loves them and I finally found something that works for me.” Every time she comes into my store, she is smiling. She excitedly asks me to look at how her skin is improving. The newfound confidence that I see in women is the best part. The genuine smiles when they see themselves for the first time with a pair of lashes is the best part. I know for a fact - because I have experienced - when we feel good about our appearance, confidence goes up. I’m in the business of helping women feel beautiful (that’s the best part) and I love it here. This is why I’m looking forward to serving all of my beauties daily in a new way, starting immediately!

I’ll be sharing daily tips on beauty, skin, and selfcare. These will include info I’ve learned from dermatologists and estheticians, as well as personal faves, and beauty hacks shared with me by other women, moms and women in business. As life happens, sometimes beauty and selfcare gets put on the back burner because we’re busy doing all the other things for all the other people. The tips that I’m sharing are reminders of little things women can do to take care of themselves. They will be quick, simple, and put together with my friends and clients in mind. I’ll post the tips on social media, and on You can stay in the ‘beauty tips loop´ by subscribing to this website from the homepage. You will be notified when a blog tip is posted. You can also find the tips on FB and IG @daniellereneebeaute.

To kick things off, and give you an idea of the kinds of tips I’ll be posting, here’s the first one.

With love,


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