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Don’t over exfoliate: Tip of the Day 11-4-22

Although many dermatologists recommend exfoliating to help achieve a healthy glow, no professional skin expert would advise you to exfoliate your face every day. Over-exfoliating facial skin is a common mistake that can leave your skin parched and unhealthy. Irritation happens when you’ve removed more skin cells than your body is able to replenish... but, you can still nurse your skin back to good health.

Over-exfoliation can also make skin appear wax-like (which could be mistaken for a glow). A healthy glow will always look plump and moisturized, not dry, thin, or waxy. 🌟

It could take up to a month to get your skin back on track after over-exfoliating. Experts say, keeping your skin routine simple is the best way to get back on track. Avoid foaming cleansers (which can be drying), retinol, and all physical & chemical exfoliators until your skin has healed.

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