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Dry brushing in the morning: Tip of the Day 7-13-22

If you need more energy in the morning, experts recommend starting your day with dry brushing!

The technique involves massaging your body with a natural-bristle brush in strokes moving in the direction of your heart. Only a small amount of pressure applied when dry brushing your skin. The process helps to eliminate toxins and boost blood flow.

Mornings are ideal because of the blood flow and circulation that is produced by dry brushing. This can offer a great boost of energy! Also, the exfoliation of dead skin cells that happens when you dry brush helps your moisturizer and sunscreen absorb and work better.

Try starting your mornings with a 2-5 minute dry brushing session. Shower, apply moisturizer and sunscreen. You might feel more energized than you have in a long time!

For a firm, natural dry brush, click here.

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