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Dry Brushing to reduce ingrown hairs: Tip of the Day 9-1-22

Ingrown hairs have to be on the top 5 list of most annoying self-maintenance side effects… at least for me. After waxing (or shaving), ingrown hairs are more prone to happen - especially in the bikini area. Experts say an age-old trick helps to dramatically decrease your chances of dealing with bikini ingrowns.

Ingrown hairs happen when hairs get trapped under dead skin. Dry brushing is fantastic at exfoliating these dead skin cells away. Because dry brushing should always be done using motions in the direction of your heart, the brush strokes in the bikini area should go upward. You could do this day and night if you choose, but a few minutes each morning before showering should do the trick.

You could also use an exfoliating body wash or body scrub to exfoliate your bikini area, however dry brushing has so many additional benefits, so it’s worth it to invest in one anyway.

Bonus tip: Keeping your bikini area moisturized also helps reduce ingrown hairs, and dry brushing helps creams and lotions penetrate better - further preventing ingrown hairs. Win.

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