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Eyeglasses & Acne 4-6-22 Tip of the Day

If you wear glasses and you’re noticing acne along the bridge of your nose, your cheeks where the rims sit, and the ears where they might rub… it’s possible that your glasses are causing it.

Sometimes breakouts develop when glasses push down on the skin, preventing skin cells from shedding normally. Wearing makeup and/or having oily skin can increase the chances of acne forming in areas where glasses rest on your face.

To help prevent these kind of breakouts, try wiping down your frames twice a day with alcohol wipes, and once before bed. If makeup smudges get on your lens, wash your entire glasses with soapy water, and follow up by wiping frames with an alcohol wipe.

Besides cleaning your glasses frequently, dermatologists say there a few other things you can do to clear your skin. - You may need new bridges put on the nose of your glasses to even the pressure. Ask your eye doctor if your glasses need adjusting.

- Make sure you’re cleaning your makeup off fully. Try cleansing with makeup remover or micellar water before washing with your facial soap or cleanser. There are products that can help clear acne including soaps containing willow bark, and over-the-counter acne washes with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

If you don‘t see improvements, or you think the acne may be caused by something other than your glasses, see your dermatologist. It’s always best to let the professionals help you with persistent issues.

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