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Facial Icing Tip of the Day 4-10-22

Facial icing is a social media trend you may have seen. Experts say it actually works to reduce puffiness.

Facial icing causes blood to rise beneath the surface of the skin. After a night of drinking, or not sleeping well, applying ice may be the trick to reducing the appearance of puffiness under the eye area. Experts say facial icing isn’t the solution for genetic under eye issues. It’s considered a quick fix for temporary puffiness caused by lack of sleep, insufficient hydration, and poor nutrition. In addition to de-puffing, experts say constricting blood vessels with ice has brightening & tightening benefits, and can lessen the appearance of pores and wrinkles.

If you want to try facial icing, there are some do’s and don’ts. I’ve seen videos of models dipping their faces into bins of icy water (for very short amounts of time.. like 3 seconds.) If you have sensitive skin, that may not be the route you should take. Applying ice directly to your face can cause irritation, so if you have sensitive skin or are trying icing for the first time, wrap the ice in a thin cloth.

Constant movement is key. Allowing ice to sit in one spot one your face is not recommended. Worst case, you could give yourself frostbite. Even if you don’t go that extreme, resting ice on your face for too long can trigger redness and irritation.

Gently move the ice around your face in a circular motion. Lightly massage your cheeks, under eyes, around your mouth, forehead, jaw and nose. Don’t overdo this. Experts suggest once a day for about one minute per icing session. If dipping your face into icy water, move your face from side to side and only keep your face in icy water for a few seconds.

If you have broken capillaries in your face (visible red lines), don’t try facial icing. Experts say it could make the red lines worse and prevent them from healing.

If you have puffiness because of a procedure like surgery, cosmetic peel, or lasers, follow your doctor’s guidelines for healing. Don’t do facial icing in those instances without your doctor’s permission.

Remember, icing is a quick fix for a gentle glowy “wake up” look. To avoid puffiness altogether, focus on getting enough hydration, nutrition, and sleep!

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