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Facial Steaming: Tip of the Day 8-18-22

Plenty of TikTokers and celebs rave about facial steaming. Estheticians say steaming is a tried-and-true way to prep your skin for pampering.

Steam helps soften skin. It also loosens buildup in your pores, making it a great prep for blackhead extraction. I definitely recommend have a professional (dermatologist or esthetician) remove blackheads, but there are some DIY things you can do to incorporate steaming into your skin routine.

Skin exfoliates better after a steam session. Too much exfoliating can backfire, so don’t be aggressive when exfoliating. Gently use a cloth in circular motions to wipe away dead skin after you’ve steamed your face.

Estheticians say skincare products like serums, toners, and moisturizers absorb better after steaming.

I recommend using a portable facial steamer at a safe distance. If you try holding your head over a hot bowl, you’re putting yourself at risk for getting burned.

Experts say although steaming has some desirable skin benefits, hot steam is not for everyone. If your skin is inflamed or red, hot steam from facial steamers, saunas, and hot yoga can make it worse. Cold water vapors can help calm and soothe inflamed skin. Cold vapors can also help shrink pores and depuff tired eyes.

Bonus tip: Look for a portable facial steamer with both hot and cold settings. That way, you’re covered for several possible skin situations. You might want to use the cold setting in the morning to depuff eyes, and use hot steam at night before bed.

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