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Fighting oily skin with oil: Tip of the Day 7-12-22

Oily skin may have met it’s match, according to experts. To fight back, try fighting oil… with oil.

It’s true. I’ve received great feedback from oily customers who started using oil cleanser, Not just any ol’ oil will do if you’re trying to balance out your natural oil production. Don’t go slathering your kitchen oils on your face. You need oils specifically that help break down other oils. Oils like rosehip seed oil, which is also good for helping with discoloration, along with castor oil (helps improve swelling and puffiness), avocado oil (helps improve itchy skin and very hydrating), and hemp seed oil (anti-inflammatory and improves acne) are examples of oils that help improve skin’s natural oil production when used consistently.

Oil cleansers are actually great for dry and oily skin. They add moisture to dry skin, and help balance out oily skin. A bonus about my oil cleanser, it’s great to use when dermaplaning (shaving peach fuzz and dead skin).

If you’re dealing with excessively oily skin, try fighting oil with the right oil.

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