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Fixing Over-Waxed Brows: Tip of the Day

Currently kicking myself for doing something I knew I had no business doing. Last weekend, I was at the nail salon and let a nail tech wax my brows. Long story short, I’m still salty about the level of thinness she took my brows to. So, this week I’m nursing butchered brows. It happens. Fortunately, there are some tricks to help.

Brow gel is BFF when brows are waxed too thin. Using it to stretch brow hairs out truly helps manipulate the appearance of volume. After filling in gaps with pomade, using concealer to sharpen the hairline underneath brows helps to manipulate the shape of brows. Concealer to brows is equivalent to the “line up” to a barber cut. It just shapes everything up better - but be sure to blend it with clean fingers or a beauty blender.

Bonus tip: Try to skip waxing and plucking for 6-8 weeks after over doing it. Concealer can be used to hide new hairs as you manipulate the shape until your brows become fuller.

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