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Get these freebies!

May has been so good to Danielle Renée. I'm celebrating some exciting honors, and I'm giving away freebies to anyone who celebrates with me! More on the free stuff in a sec -- But first...


On Sunday, May 16, the Alabama Press-Register published a full page feature article about Danielle Renée!

Totally surprised your girl! I assumed the article would be an online-only feature. It was published online at the end of April. (You can read it here.) I was told by a friend at church that I was in the Sunday newspaper. I was so tired before she told me, and had planned to go straight home and take a nap. Instead, I did what anyone with a full-page newspaper feature would have done. I made my son pull the dining room chair in the backyard and take my picture.

This would have totally made my month by itself! But, I have one more sweet thing to look forward to in a few days. Focus Women's Conference chose me to be one of the honorees featured in its "40 Over 40" list.

I am beyond honored to be listed among the amazing women on this list.

Forty over Forty Honorees:

Representative Adline C. Clarke

Adrienne D. Jones, AICP, MURP

Anitra Belle Henderson

Ann Richardson

Beth A. Morrissette

Chandra Brown

Christy Amick

Connie Hudson

​Crystal Yarbrough

Danielle Booth

Danielle Dials

Dr. DeAnna Ferguson

Dr. Doretha Walker

Elizabeth Chiepalich

Dr. Gia Wiggins Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Inger Anderson

Dr. Joe'l L. Billingsley

Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio

Joycelyn Maria Davis

Karlyn Edmonds

Kelly Finley

Kerrie Bentley Benson

Dr. Krista Harrell

Dr. LaKesha Brackins

Dr. Leida Javier-Ferrell

Leslie N. Weaver-Martin

Lynn Oldshue

Melanie Bunting-Seymour

Dr. Monica Motley

Nakia Nicky Isaac

Shoshana Treichel

Stephanie Lofton Streeter

Tammy Monistere

TaQuitia Winn

Tarah Keech

Tejuania C. Nelson- Gill

Thkisha “DeDe” Sanogo

Tina Poiroux

Tonyea Weber

Dr. Valerie D.W. James

May has been so sweet! Happy Small Business Month to every entrepreneur reading this!

About the free stuff...

In honor of our first published printed feature, I'm giving away free skincare samples to anyone who tags Danielle Renée Beauté in a picture of them with our newspaper feature!


Buy or borrow a copy of the Press-Register published on May 16.

Take a picture with our feature article (found on page C1).

Tag @daniellereneebeaute on Facebook or Instagram.

Private message @daniellereneebeaute a mailing address.

No purchase required

Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

Thank you for supporting this dream of mine. I appreciate you more than you know.

With Love,


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