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Give your products time to work: Tip of the Day 6-9-22

A woman visited my store recently for the first time, looking for a new skin product. “Nothing is working”, she said. She wanted to even out her skin tone among other things. I asked, “How long have you been using your products?” She thought about it for a second, and said “About 5 days”.

Lots of women like her, (even myself at times), get impatient with our products. But, in order to see the full benefits of our skincare, dermatologists say we have to give the products enough time to do their jobs.

@aminathepharmacist, a pharmacist on TikTok, she posted a viral TikTok video explaining the average time it takes for popular skin-care ingredients to work. In the caption, she writes: "Vitamin C = 3 weeks, Salicylic acid = 12 weeks, Benzoyl peroxide = 12 weeks, Hyaluronic acid = a few mins, Retinol = 8-12 weeks, AHA = right away, Caffeine = a few hours.”

Some experts say it might take even longer than what @aminathepharmacist suggests for maximum benefits. For instance, with Vitamin C, dermatologists say some might experience the brightening effects beginning around four weeks, but maximum improvement could require up to 12 weeks of consistent use.

On the flip side, dermatologists say some

products like salicylic acid might show improvement to skin in less time than @aminathepharmacist suggests. Everyone’s skin is different, so don’t compare someone else’s results with your own. Be patient, and give your products at least up to 8 weeks of consistent use before giving up on them. Some products may cause your skin to purge (mild acne) initially. This is a good thing, according to dermatologists. Continue to use the product and the purging acne should clear up.

If your products are causing an allergic reaction or serious irritation, stop using them immediately.

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