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Hacks for living with long nails: Tip of the Day 10-21-22

Anyone with really long nails has (or will) face the dreaded scenario of putting their card in an ATM machine, then realizing they can't pull it out. Jewelry with clasps? Don't even try. Buttoning your shirt can even be a challenge when your nails are long. Yes, they make the simplest tasks difficult, but I know I'm not giving them up permanently. I may switch the length up depending on my mood - but I'll always go back. If you're like me, hopefully these hacks will help you live your best life while sporting long nails.

Out of all the problems I've faced with having long nails, getting my card stuck in an ATM machine was the most nerve racking. I had to ask a stranger inside a gas station to pull my card out. Thankfully, someone was around who could help, but I was slightly embarrassed. This is why keeping a pair of tweezers or jewelry pliers on you can come in handy. Most ATM's and machines at gas pumps have enough space for me to use my knuckles to pull my card out. If you have bigger fingers, using your knuckles in this instance might be difficult.

Getting creams and products under your nails can be a common issue. Using your knuckles to scoop products helps prevent buildup under your nails. You can also use your knuckles to tuck sheets.

Using a pen, fork, or butter knife is helpful when opening soda cans. And credit cards come in handy when open something with a slit (like an eyeshadow palette).

I own a store and sometimes customers lay their change on my counter. In that instance, I can slide the change off the counter into my hand. Playing cards are great for scooping up change and other flat items when your nails prevent you from picking them up.

Jewelry is tricky. Fine/dainty jewelry is most difficult to put on with long nails. You'll probably have to get someone else to put it on you. Look for stringed jewelry without clasps that you can roll on and off. I have some clasped jewelry that I can put on (with patience). The clasps on those pieces are bigger and thicker which makes it a bit easier to put on.

Nobody said this long nail life would be easy!! Share your hacks with me on social media @daniellereneebeaute (IG & FB) and let's live our best lives.

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