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Help for excessive underarm sweating: Tip of the Day 9-2-22

Excessive sweating under the arms is a relatively taboo topic, or at least it used to be when I dealt with it in my teen & younger adult years. I didn’t know anyone who could relate to what I was experiencing. Since I corrected the issue, I’ve spoken to several people who say they sweat almost non-stop under their arms. None of the people I spoke with knew it’s a medical condition that can be treated and corrected.

Please see a dermatologist instead of a general practitioner for excessive sweating. I saw a doctor who recommended I put baby powder under my arms to stop sweating. 🤡 When you see a dermatologist about excessive sweating, the first step is likely going to be a prescription strength deodorant like Drysol or wipe that closes your sweat glands. Fyi, they often have burning or itching side effects and sometimes re-direct sweat to a different location like the back of your knees. I hated it honestly, but if you want your insurance to cover the cost of a procedure or even Botox, you have to prove that you’ve tried everything. Otherwise, your insurance company might think of the Botox or surgery as “cosmetic”, and not approve to pay for it.

*Drysol can be bought over the counter or online, but there are prescription strength versions that your dermatologist can prescribe. Also, QBrexza is a topical anticholinergic wipe that has shown some powerful results with axillary hyperhidrosis.

If the prescription topicals don’t work, the next option could likely be an oral medication, or Botox injections under your arms. Dermatologists say Botox temporarily stops nerves from stimulating the sweat glands that produce sweat. It may take a few injection treatments, and regular maintenance is needed, but the results can last anywhere from six months to a year.

In most cases, surgery is the last option. Back when I dealt with excessive sweating, I didn’t know about Botox, and I didn’t know to go to a dermatologist. So, I ended up going to a specialist in California to remove sweat glands from under my arms. It worked. I was told not to lift anything heavy or fully let my arms down by my side for a couple days after the procedure. Funny story - I couldn’t carry any luggage in the airport so my sweet mother had to carry her carry-on bags and mine. When we went through the TSA checkpoint, I looked at her to unbuckle my belt. She was boggled down with luggage, unbuckling my belt while I held nothing. I looked like a Spoiled BRAT. 😂

*The only side effect that I noticed is the way my skin folds underneath my arms. It never got tight after the procedure, so I have a few folds that I happily accept in exchange for having a sense of normalcy.

Experts say a treatment called miraDry has proven to be the most effective treatment for excessive armpit sweating. MiraDry uses electromagnetic energy to eliminate sweat and odor glands from the armpit area.

Bonus tip: If your insurance company denies you for Botox or any other procedure, your dermatologist or staff at your medical procedure clinic can re-submit the claim with any info to prove this is a medical procedure, not cosmetic. If you’ve ever seen a doctor about this, their nurse can provide a letter on your behalf.

Excessive sweating is annoying, embarrassing and seems impossible to correct. I hope this helps you if you’re dealing with axillary hyperhidrosis.

*Dermatologists can help with excessive sweating in other areas like hands, face, knees, and feet.

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