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How much sunscreen is needed? Tip of the Day 4-25-22

When applying sunscreen, there’s a general ’rule of thumb‘ that literally deals with your fingers. ✌🏽

This amount is about the equivalent of a half teaspoon, but who’s using actual teaspoons to measure their products?

Applying the length of two fingers may seem excessive to some, but considering all the areas that need protection, you may actually need more product.

When applying sunscreen, include your entire face (eyelids and lips too), ears and the creases behind the ears, front and back of neck, chest and décolletage. Two fingers worth of product might actually be too little depending on a person’s size. If that’s the case, definitely use more. In addition, any other areas exposed to sunlight should be covered with sunscreen (hands, feet and toes, ankles, legs, etc).

Remember, applying sunscreen isn’t just about slowing the appearance of aging. Your health is precious. Protecting your skin from the potential risk of skin cancer is self-care and healthy self-love.

Wishing you many years of health and beauty.

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