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How Princess Di dealt with rosacea

April is National Rosacea Awareness Month. According to the National Rosacea Society, rosacea is a chronic but treatable condition that primarily affects the central face, and is often characterized by flare-ups and remissions.

One of the most famous members of the Royal Family, Princess Diana of Wales, was an international fashion icon while struggling with rosacea. Diana’s makeup artist and friend, Mary Greenwell, says Diana took medication to manage her skin condition in addition to wearing sunscreen and moisturizer every day.

In an article on, Greenwell is quoted saying:

“Diana would always make sure she took her makeup off at the end of the day and make sure she always had a clean face before applying makeup.”

Former royal chef Darren O’Grady says Princess Di also managed her diet carefully for her skin’s sake, avoiding, alcohol red meat and carbohydrates and limiting sweets. says avoiding dietary triggers make a difference in reducing flare-ups. Visit the NRS’s website for info on managing rosacea.

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