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Introducing... Au Natural lashes by Danielle Renée Beauté

Based off our Mink Lash Collection, you may have noticed that Danielle Renée Beauté has a thing for glam. Full, voluminous, long, and eminently dramatic glam. As you get to know us better, you will find that we have a sweet spot for simple beauty as well. In fact, sweet little timeless beauties are the stars of our new Au Natural mink lash collection. Get to know these girls. One of them just might become your new bestie.


She is light. She’s as sweet as she is pretty. When you meet her, it’s as if you’ve known her forever. Her name is Lux.

This style features light, whispy mink hairs that perfectly accentuate your natural lashes.


Do not sleep on this beauty. She speaks with her eyes. Her personality is soft. Her gaze is a love song. She is Nightingale.

This style features flirty layers of crossed hairs that beautifully frame your face.


She has a quiet demeanor. Rooms light up when she walks in. She will give her all to make another feel beautiful. She is Rosé.

This style features bundles of fluffy mink strands on top of whispy crossed hairs.


Her confidence is contagious. She glows without effort. She treats everyone like a sister. Her name is Pixie.

This style features fluttery hairs that lightly flare towards the outer edge for a natural edgy look.


She brings out the best in everyone. Her gift is lifting others up. Many are drawn to her. Many call her Bestie.

This style features sleek bundles that naturally define your eye without overwhelming your face.


She’s quiet and reserved. Her modesty is alluring. She rarely talks about herself, but her name comes up often. She is Coy.

This style features a sweeping array of fluffy hairs and offers subtle volume.

As you see, natural lashes don’t have to be boring. In fact, they’re full of personality. Beauty lies in their simplicity. The Au Natural Collection by Danielle Renée Beauté is now available at

Danielle Renée lashes are handcrafted to endure multiple wears. Our luxury lashes are flexible and easy to apply, even for beginners. For easy application, pair with our Engagement 2-in-1 eyeliner + adhesive. Simply line your eye with the Engagement pen, and stick lashes on. The lashes bond to Engagement effortlessly, no magnets required.

To see how easily the Engagement pen works watch this:

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