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Invest in gloves: Tip of the Day 5-5-22

This week, the sweetest woman came to see me for an eyelash extension appointment. She is 73-years young. During her visit, we talked about things that make us feel beautiful when she suddenly held up her hand and said, “You know, I wish I had known to take better care of my hands.“ She added, “All those years of cleaning and washing dishes really had an effect on my hands.” Then, she kindly gave me this tip: “Wear gloves.“

The skin on the back of the hands is very thin, which makes it susceptible to damage, loose skin, age spots, and visible veins. In an interview with HuffPost, Dr. Stuart Maddin explains, "The chemicals that dissolve dirt, grease, and who-knows-what from your pots and pans are too harsh for your skin."

In addition to wearing gloves while cleaning, Dr. Maddin recommends using sunscreen on your hands every day. Also, minimize exposing hands to hot water. And when done with the dishes, dry your hands properly and apply moisturizer. Maddin says damp hands can cause chafing and chapping.

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