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Items worth refrigerating: Tip of the Day 9-20-22

What if I told you there's a way to make your favorite skin and beauty products work even better for you? Experts say it's possible, and super simple. Dermatologists say keeping specific items cool is key to stepping up your selfcare regimen.

Chilling your eye creams and gels is a great way to speed up your depuffing in the morning. This works by constricting blood vessels when creams are applied cold.

Anything made with all natural ingredients typically has a shorter shelf life than products that contain preservatives, parabens, and sulfates. Keeping natural products refrigerated extends their shelf life and helps prevent bacteria from growing.

Experts say the body can't sense itchiness and cold at the same time. If your skin is itching and you apply something cold to it, your body will feel the cooling sensation over the itching. That's the premise behind storing anti-itch cream in the refrigerator.

When sunscreen gets warm, the effectiveness of the product decreases. This is why you shouldn't keep sunscreen in your car, especially in summer. Storing your sunscreen in the refrigerator helps to preserve its ability to protect you from the sun.

Nail polish gets thick and gooey when it gets too hot. Keeping it cool helps it to maintain a thin consistency that applies smooth.

Because fragrance is delicate, heat affects it by breaking down its elements, causing it to smell differently. Storing fragrance in the fridge helps it maintain the smell you love, longer.

Bonus tip: Lipstick typically doesn't need to be refrigerated. But, let's say your favorite shade is being discontinued and you want to stock up. That's when keeping it cool matters. They will last longer if you keep them cool. Otherwise, over time heat could cause the ingredients to break down and decompose.

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