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Jump in the Pool … It’s Beautiful with Danielle Renée Beauté

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

A few years ago, I helped chaperone an event for high-school girls and was asked during the “ice breaker” session, “If you could jump into a pool of anything, what would it be?” I didn’t have to think about it. I answered as quickly as the question was asked, “Confidence”.

Recently, a mother reached out to me asking what she can do to feel more beautiful. She shared how she had devoted so much time to her children, family, career, and responsibilities – and had lost self-esteem because of not investing more in herself. (Been there.) She wanted tips about makeup and eyelashes. Of course, makeup and eyelashes accentuate our natural beauty, but what she was really looking for was inward. She was looking for confidence, and she’s not alone.

I don’t believe there’s a person alive who feels confident 100% of the time. Although I’ve been blessed with my share of dreamy experiences, I often wonder how much farther I could have gone if I had truly believed that I was made for big dreams. As I’ve grown, I’ve become more intentional about getting in that pool of confidence, and I invite you to join me. It’s not out of reach. If you think you’re afraid to swim in it – start with putting your toe in.

These are things that I do to become more confident.

1. Spend consistent time with God

This is the key to my personal growth. Every great leader or business person has a good team. No one can do all things with excellency, except God! I want and need Him. Spending at least 20 minutes each morning in quiet, prayerful, devotional time with Him is truly transformational. He reminds me who I am when I just want to believe fear. He inspires me to be more like the woman I read about in Proverbs 31:10-31. That is true beauty! Once the inner woman is transformed, beauty has no choice but to ooze through her pores.

2. Put myself on my list

No doubt, being a mom, career-woman, entrepreneur, volunteer, ect. is very rewarding. But mama, when’s the last time you put something special specifically for you on your to-do list? For me, weekends are when I catch up on errands. I usually make a list of things to get done. (Groceries, chores, kid’s sports activities, get so-and-so’s baby shower gift, ect.. )

I’m learning to put “Danielle’s self care” on that list too. This helps me look forward to getting my list accomplished because I know that I’m on the list. Sometimes I’m the first thing on the list! Examples of things that I might include on my list (with an exclamation mark):

  • Nails & brows! (SNS manicure and brow wax)

  • Coffee shop! Try the pretty new beverage on the menu, hang out for 20 minutes with a good magazine or book.

  • Teeth whitening! Put on some whitening strips and dedicate the time wearing them to yourself – EX: enjoy a new podcast while you whiten (I recommend Jennifer Allwood).

  • Facial with favorite products! (of course by Danielle Renée!) or DIY with aloe, tumeric & honey

  • New scent! (find a new body spray or perfume that makes you smell and feel amazing)

Your self-care list should be unique to you, and include things that you enjoy. A little extra self-care goes a long way inwardly. It doesn’t have to be much. A skincare routine, a pair of nice lashes, a pretty pair of shoes…. You are worth investing in.

3. Give myself permission to be great

Looking back at my younger years, I robbed myself of confidence because I didn’t give myself permission to be great. My internal voice would say, “Who are you to dare such a dream? You’re not qualified for that. You’ll be so embarrassed if you try and fail.” I’ve learned that I truly don’t have to be great at something in order to start. But I do have to start in order to reach greatness.

4. Give myself the same grace I give to friends and loved ones It’s easy to recognize great potential in people I know, love and admire. When they make mistakes or need encouragement, I can always find something good and true to say about them. I can remind them about what God says in the bible about them. I’m learning to give myself that same grace. So what if the attempt wasn’t perfect! No big deal if the execution wasn’t flawless. Keep trying and work hard. You were given a very specific set of skills for a reason. Keep moving forward and watch how you grow into confidence.

Like good serum, a little confidence goes a long way and can deeply nourish what’s beneath your surface. Jump in the pool, friend. It’s beautiful.

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