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Lavender essential oil vs. lavender oil: Tip of the day 7-15-22

Researchers say lavender has been shown to help improve a number of ailments from mood-related conditions to sleep struggles. Before you stock up, just know all lavender products aren’t created equal.

If a label does not clearly state that it is an 'essential oil,' then it is not an essential oil and should not be used or treated as such.

Even if your product is labeled as an essential oil, do your research. Experts say, typically, the kinds of essential oils found at drugstores and grocery stores are made with low-grade oils that aren't pure, or have been diluted with fillers and synthetic ingredients. Also, therapeutic-grade does not mean an oil is safe, pure, or ingestible. If it’s inexpensive, it’s likely the essential oil has been diluted. Do your research on companies to understand the quality of their essential oil products.

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