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Layering skin products: Tip of the Day 6-8-22

Depending on the number of steps in your skincare routine, you might be tempted to speed through it to get it all in. But, experts suggest waiting until each product feels like it's been absorbed into your skin before moving to the next step.

To be clear, no specific amount of wait time has been determined by scientists. Most dermatologists agree that prescription topical medications, and acne treatments require some wait time. They need to be fully melted into your skin before serums and moisturizers are applied on top for maximum efficacy.

When applying serums and moisturizers, experts say waiting about a minute gives each product time to sink into your pores.

Dermatologists warn, when sunscreen is mixed with other products, it becomes diluted and less effective. For this reason, it’s recommended that you wait at least a minute after applying moisturizer before applying sunscreen. *Sunscreen should always be the final step in your skincare routine (before applying makeup).

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