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Leaving a TV career to build my dream

After 22 years in the TV news industry, I've turned in my resignation to Fox 10 News. Gosh, I made so many memories at that TV station - some stressful (hello breaking news), many unforgettable. I've laughed, cried, wanted to fight, sat at a desk non-stop for entire shifts so people would have a 4pm newscast to watch, spent the night (hurricane coverage), worked in almost every department, made great friendships, and developed a lot of useful skill sets in that TV station. As of December 30, 2021 - I've transitioned from employee to station client. (New TV commercial below)

When I started Danielle Renée in October 2020, the goal was to start online, and eventually open the first of several stores within 3 years. With God's blessing, and my best efforts, I opened my first store in October 2021. As business began to pick up, I asked some of my closest friends to pray for me ,so that I would know when the right time would be to leave the only career I'd ever known. It's demanding working full-time, being a full-time mom, and running a business. And God didn't give me that storefront to only open it up on the weekends. About a month after my grand opening, I literally had a dream that I told 3 people that I was resigning at the end of the year. It was a peaceful dream, and I forgot about it until the next day. Facebook memories reminded me that it was my 2-year anniversary from starting in the sales/advertising department. When I saw the Facebook memory, I immediately remembered the dream and thought, "I know you don't want me to tell them TODAY, God! Today??" I had not planned a speech or written a note or anything. But one thing I've learned is that when God says move, it's safe to move and is always the right thing to do. So I got up from my desk and told the same 3 people (separately) that I was leaving at the end of the year. All 3 of them responded the same in person as they did in my dream. That was the confirmation I needed to have peace about saying goodbye to my old career - and hello to this new chapter in my life.

After I left on my last day, I called my best friend, who I met at Fox 10. She said to me, "Dani, remember when we were in our twenties and we were so worried about the future? We can see now how everything turned out. So we have stronger faith because of it." She is absolutely right. When I was younger I couldn't look into the future. But now, I can look back and see how God always had a plan for me. He never let me fall. He has made me successful at everything I've done. I've seen enough of His character to know that I can trust Him to be with me, and to help me grow this business to new heights. I'm looking forward to 2022. Wishing you all good health, peace of mind, and beautiful skin. :)

With love,


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