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Make sunscreen the last step: Tip of the Day 4-20-22

Applying skincare in the right order makes a world of difference.

Oh My! by Thomas Saliot

Products with SPF are formulated to protect the skin from UV rays. Layering other products, especially oils (which are typically used to break down and remove products and residue), isn’t recommended. In an interview with InStyle, dermatologist Dr. Shari Sperling advises, "SPF is the last thing that goes on during your skincare routine".

After cleansing your skin, Dr. Sperling suggests applying any prescription creams, followed by toners, then serum if desired, then moisturizer, and finally sunscreen. Don’t run out the door right after applying your sunscreen. Experts say for proper protection allow 15 minutes for your sunscreen to absorb before exposing your skin to the sun. Don’t forget your ears, neck and hands! If you are in the sun for prolonged periods of time, reapply your sunscreen every two hours.

Dermatologists say it’s ok to apply makeup on top of sunscreen. If you need to reapply sunscreen while wearing makeup, Dr. Sperling says it’s ok to brush on a powder-based SPF product, like Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45 or Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-On Sunscreen SPF 30.

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