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More gentle option than makeup wipes: Tip of the Day 4-19-22

Makeup wipes are super convenient, but might not be worth their weight in the long run. According to experts, they can even be aging you prematurely.

Makeup wipes tend to contain high levels of alcohol that can strip skin of natural oils. Lack of moisture (plus lack of sun protection) is the super highway to premature aging.

Because of the texture of some wipes, micro-tears can happen when rubbing them against facial skin. Instead of wipes, experts recommend using cleansing butter or oil cleanser to remove makeup before washing your face.

If you do use wipes, press and hold them against your skin for a few minutes before wiping. And always wash your face afterwards. Makeup wipes are formulated to break down makeup. They’re not formulated to clean your skin. Even though your face might look makeup free when you're done, makeup wipes tend to leave behind a residue that can lead to future breakouts.

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