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Neck Tightening: Tip of the Day 4-16-22

Our necks lose elasticity as we age, and can be one of the first areas to begin to look aged. This is why fighting the “turkey neck” battle before it starts is highly recommended.

Provocative Neck by Thomas Saliot

Health experts say although neck exercises help to tone neck muscles, they do little for the skin on top of those muscles. But, there are some high-profile celebs that say neck exercises are their favorite beauty hacks.

In an online article by “Now to Love”, supermodel Cindy Crawford recommends neck exercises to "help preserve the line of your jaw." In the article, she shares:

“They’re simple to do - just lay flat on your back with your chin pointed up, and lift your whole head about an inch off the ground. Without putting your head back down on the floor, bring your chin to your chest. I do three sets of 10 repetitions, but you can build up to that! I alternate the chin-to-chest one with a side-to-side movement."

If you’re noticing saggy skin on your neck, there are options to address it. Studies show neck creams and anti-aging creams containing N-acetyl glucosamine can help firm and smooth the skin while reducing the effects of hyperpigmentation.

Botox is also used to treat “turkey neck”. Maintaining firmer skin may require getting injections every 3 - 4 months. Talk to your dermatologist about it if you are considering this.

More options to treat sagging skin on the neck include skin tightening lasers, and neck lift & tightening surgeries. Some surgeries have minimal scarring. Talk to your doctor about which procedure is appropriate for you if this is something that concerns you.

If possible, trying preventative care could work in your favor. Sunscreen, Vitamin C, and your facial moisturizer are also good to apply on your neck and chest to slow down the appearance of aging.

Yoga instructor Danielle Collins shares 5 exercises to tighten the neck below:

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