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Perfume & Age Spots: Tip of the Day 4-18-22

According to skin experts, perfume is not your skin’s BFF, and could be aging your neck and chest.

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In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, skin expert Abi Cleeve says even if you’re intentional about anti-aging skincare, perfumes applied directly to the skin can cause premature signs of aging. Cleeve says perfume acts aggressively to “undermine skin’s ability to protect itself against UV damage”. The neck and chest are particularly vulnerable because the skin in those areas is thinner. Instead of spraying perfume on your neck and chest, Cleeve suggests applying it on your wrists (where there’s less sun exposure). Be careful on sunny days when your arms are exposed. Spraying the inside fold of the elbow area may be preferable if your sleeve covers the area. Lightly spraying your clothes is also an option. I wouldn‘t risk spraying delicate fabrics like silk or suede. If you’re already seeing signs of aging, Cleeve suggests using products with anti-pigmentation ingredients, such as hexylresorcinol and liquorice extract. Cleeve recommends SkinSense's Firming Neck & Décolleté Cream. Cleeve is the founder of SkinSense, an award winning anti-aging skincare brand.

You can read the interview in Harper’s Bazaar here.

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