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Preventing coffee stained teeth: Tip of the day 6-15-22

Brushing your teeth is a great way to maintain a healthy mouth in between dental visits. But researchers say the timing of when you brush your teeth makes all the difference, especially if you eat or drink acidic foods and beverages like coffee (and wine). ☕️

Enamel (outer surface of teeth) is filled with lots of tiny pores. When we drink wine, coffee or tea, the staining acids (tannins) in them can seep into the pores and stain teeth. Tannins can also bind to plaque on teeth, and leave a yellow stain.

Experts say waiting too long to brush your teeth gives tannins time to permanently stain your teeth. After 30 minutes, go ahead and brush.

Researchers say milk can protect your teeth against staining acids found in coffee. The proteins found in animal milk attach to the tannins in coffee and move them into the stomach. When this happens, they don’t attach to (and stain) your teeth. (This doesn’t happen with vegan milk).

Drinking through a straw also helps protect your front teeth from staining. This doesn’t protect the teeth in the back of your mouth. Be very careful if you drink hot coffee through a straw! You can burn your mouth easily. Either let it cool down, or make it an ice coffee to prevent burning your mouth.

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