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Preventing wrinkles while sleeping: Tip of the Day 11-3-22

The position you sleep in could be preventing you from the youthful glow you deserve. I'm here to help.

Experts say sleeping on your side won't age you overnight... but over years, could accelerate the forming of wrinkles on the face and chest. The force created by movement of skin against the pillow is the main reason wrinkles are accelerated. This is why experts say, sleep on your back - or at least use a pillowcase like silk or satin that allows skin to slide (verses gripping the fabric). FYI, dermatologists say sleeping on your stomach is the worst sleeping position of them all. If sleeping on your back seems near impossible, try investing in a body pillow to prevent rolling onto your face and stomach.

Sleeping with your hands pressed against your face is a common sleep mistake that forms wrinkles. This can put hours of pressure against the delicate skin on your face. If possible, avoid resting your face on your hands or arms while sleeping.

A night cream is a moisturizer specially designed for wearing while you sleep. Look for night cream that contains hyaluronic acid, which helps plump and firm the skin!

Bonus tip: Doctors recommend propping your head up with an extra pillow to ensure that no fluid build up as you sleep, which prevents puffy eyes come morning.

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