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Protecting Your Natural Lashes

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

How to wear strip lashes without damaging your natural lashes

If you’ve ever *not tried strip lashes because you’re concerned about damaging your natural lashes, I have exciting news! You can absolutely wear gorgeous false lashes without pulling out your natural lashes by simply using the right product.

False lashes aren’t 100% to blame for thinning out your lashes. It’s the glue that is used to adhere the falsies that causes lashes to be pulled out. Whenever glue is applied to, or comes in contact with eyelashes, there is a high likelihood that the lash could be pulled out at some point. This is why the Engagement pen by Danielle Renée Beauté is such a game changer. It’s a 2-in-1 eyeliner plus adhesive made for beginners, and loved by professionals.

When applied, the Engagement pen is not runny or gummy like traditional lash glues that comes in a tube. Before it dries, it’s not wet. It’s a dry tacky texture until it fully dries. This protects your natural lashes because glue isn’t getting in them. The liner is applied directly to the base of your lid, so when you take your strip lashes off – your natural lashes don’t come off with them. This liner also extends the number of wears you get out of your lashes because gummy glue isn’t getting into the hairs making them look old and dirty. It's fine to wear false lashes every day when applying them with the Engagement pen.


If you find that individual lash extensions are causing your natural lashes to come out, consider transitioning to strip lashes using the Engagement pen. You will be able to give your natural lashes time to recover while being able to enjoy the glam styles that strip lashes.

Models from left to right: DeJaih Daniels wearing the Daydream Lash by Danielle Renée, Asha Hall wearing the Beauté lash by Danielle Renée, Victoria Williams wearing the Adorbs lash by Danielle Renée


The Engagement pen comes in clear and black and has a felt tip, which is a huge reason why it’s so easy to use. The tip is firm and is amazing for doing a winged eye! It’s very pigmented and shows up really well. It applies easily over your skin and goes on easily over makeup. It’s also latex-free.

You don’t have to speed race to put your lashes on! Even if it takes you a few minutes to get your lining the way you want it, or if you get distracted to answer your phone, when you’re ready to pop your lashes on, simply run the liner over the line you’ve already created -- and those lashes will stick! The Engagement pen is not a magnetic liner! It works with all strip lashes, no magnets needed.

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