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Pushing Through a Skin Purge: Tip of the Day 6-2-22

If your new skin product causes your skin to breakout, that might be a sign to stick with it. Sounds crazy, but dermatologists call it a “purge”, and say it’s a good thing.

According to experts, purging typically happens when you introduce a new product or active ingredient to your routine. It might seem like the product is making your skin break out, but it actually speeds up the visible pop-up of acne that is already underneath your skins surface.

Experts say purging is a sign that your product is working. Dermatologists recommended gradually introducing a new product. If your skin purges, stick with your product. After about a month (or less), purging typically clears up and you will experience the benefits of your new product.

Just because you’re breaking out doesn’t mean you’re purging. Purging generally happens after using products that encourage cell turnover (vitamin a, salicylic acid, vitamin c, alpha and beta hydroxy acids). If you’re breaking out after using a new oil or makeup, experts say it could be because your pores are clogged.

If you’re concerned that your breakout is not a purge, see your dermatologist and stop using the new product.

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