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Reducing Hangnails: Tip of the Day 9-7-22

If you've ever gotten a bad hangnail, you know they're not easy to ignore. A bad hangnail can make the slightest touch feel super uncomfortable, and if not treated properly, can get infected. What can you do if you're prone to getting these annoying tears if skin? Experts say leveling up your moisturizing routine is a good way to keep hangnails at bay.

Hangnails happen when skin around the cuticle becomes fragile and susceptible to cracks and tears. This can be caused by nail biting, bad manicures, dry skin, using harsh soap and detergents, cold temperatures, and ‘waterlogged’ hands.

I personally love the look of a manicure with freshly cut cuticles. But, overly cutting your cuticles can contribute to an increase in hangnails. Instead, apply a cuticle-removing cream where your skin meets the nail, and gently push cuticles back without scratching your nail plate. Any remaining lifted pieces of skin can be carefully snipped. Be sure not to clip too close to the cuticle!

Bonus tip: To remove hangnails, do not bite or rip them off. Wash your hands and use sterile scissors to cut cuticles down to the level of skin. Then apply a healing balm or ointment. Experts say wounds that are kept moist heal best.

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