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Reducing jet lag with hydration: Tip of the Day 6-30-22

Traveling for vacation can be an amazing experience. But, traveling across several time zones can take a toll on your body, especially in regards to jet lag. Fortunately, there are some things that help reduce the effects of jet lag.

I understand that increasing your water intake on a plane means you will probably need to take more bathroom trips. This can be annoying, especially if you’re in a middle seat, or if there’s unusual turbulence that limits when you can take off your seat belt.

I’m just returning from Italy, and the best thing post-trip that I did was take an extra day off work when I returned. If you can, give yourself a day of rest after a long trip. There is a such thing as needing a vacation from your vacation.

For more tips on dealing with jet lag, see this article.


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