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Reflected UV Ray Protection: Tip of the day 6-6-22

For many, summer means more time at pools and beaches. If you’re planning a day on the water, prepare to up the ante on protecting your skin. Experts say your regular routine might not be enough.

Sand, water and snow reflect between 25 and 80 percent of UV rays. Dermatologists generally recommend using an SPF (sun protection factor) 30 for daily use. But, if you’re spending extended periods of time outside, a higher SPF is recommended.

Also, experts say up to 40 percent of UV rays can penetrate shallow water. Wearing a water resistant sunscreen protects you while swimming.

This isn’t just a beach/pool tip! Hiking or skiing in the mountains can also mean more sun exposure because UV radiation increases with altitude.

Remember, applying sunscreen one time won’t protect you all day. Reapply every two hours!

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