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Repairing Broken Lipstick: Tip of the Day 5-27-22

Breaking your favorite lipstick doesn’t have to bum you out. There’s a quick fix that can save you from having to toss it out.

Always wash your hands before handling your broken piece of lipstick. If the broken piece falls on the floor, pick it up with a napkin and sterilize it by spraying it with isopropyl alcohol.

This heating tip is also great for re-shaping the top of your lipstick to have an angle. (The lipstick angle helps apply the color more precisely along the cupids bow). To re-shape, slightly heat the top of your lipstick using a lighter. Be careful not to melt it. You only need to heat it a tad to make the lipstick softer. Then, use a spoon to press the lipstick tip down at a 45-degree angle.

Let the newly reshaped tube sit for a few minutes until it hardens again.

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