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Shopping small for my Italy vacation wardrobe

I tried to keep you somewhat updated on my whereabouts as I traveled through Italy. 🇮🇹 Several of you commented or messaged me about my vacation wardrobe. Getting a few new wardrobe pieces is all part of the fun vacation experience. I got several things from local small businesses. Please check these businesses out and support! Their contact info is at the end.

Venice, Italy:

My first dinner outfit was a black 3-piece set (pants, halter top, and jacket). All I added was a hot pink lipstick. 💋

3-piece outfit from Two Pretty Girlz Boutique

3-piece outfit from Two Pretty Girlz Boutique

We visited St. Mark’s Basilica while in Venice. I was told we weren’t allowed to have bare shoulders, so I wore an old dress from Old Navy that, thankfully, I threw in my bag last minute. I paired it with sunglasses and an umbrella I got from a local Venice vendor. The sun was HOT.

Sunglasses from Humble Me Boutique

Florence, Italy:

Before leaving Venice, I stopped by a local boutique near my hotel. I bought a white sundress and wore it my first day in Venice. I highly recommend taking money to buy some local fashions if you visit Italy.

Dress purchased at ASOS in Venice

Dress purchased at ASOS in Venice

For day 2 in Florence, I paired this super comfy orange dress with sunglasses. It‘s my favorite dress that I took with me.

Dress from Absolutely Allure

Dress from Absolutely Allure

Capri, Italy

I took a ferry to Capri where there are beautiful beaches and mountain views. I wore my swimsuit with a pair of jean shorts, and a sheer blouse cover.

I got so many compliments from boutique owners and tourists for this blouse cover.

Sheer Blouse Cover from Shoppe Inside Out

Sheer Blouse Cover from Shoppe Inside Out

Sorrento, Italy

I paired this white mini dress with high waisted shorts, sunglasses and a floppy sun hat.

Dress & Sunglasses from Humble Me Boutique

Dress & Sunglasses from Humble Me Boutique

Hanging out on the hotel rooftop:

Romper and sunglasses from Humble Me Boutique

Rome, Italy

I wore this mint jumpsuit for dinner in Rome. This is why I prefer shopping local: This doesn’t look as well-made as what I ordered. I ordered from a Facebook

ad, and the item turned out to be from a company in China. Honestly, the material

feels cheap and thin. It’s a one-time wear for me! It also took a month to be delivered. Shop local!

What I ordered:

I ordered this from I do NOT recommend ordering from them. 👆🏽

These are the local boutiques I DO recommend:👇🏽

Two Pretty Girlz Boutique

Located inside Move It Storage, 700 Montlimar Park E1, Mobile, AL 36693

Absolutely Allure

Humble Me Boutique

311-F Shelton Beach Road

Saraland, AL 36571


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